The Rise of the Fractional CFO
Full­time hiring is expensive, especially if that person is a CFO or VP of Finance. Fortunately, the “Fractional CFO” business is booming allowing companies of all sizes, sectors, and stages to leverage the broad skill set of a CFO without taking on the burden of his or her salary. What is a Fractional CFO? The term Fractional CFO is not new nor is it a new business model, however, it is becoming more prevalent in our current economy for many reasons. In its simplest terms, a Fractional CFO is a...
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5 Signs your business needs a Fractional CFO
Too many businesses still go without the fundamental infrastructure needed to effectively and efficiently scale a growing business.  There is a sharp distinction between growing and scaling a business.  For a finance professional this work is the equivalent of blocking-and-tackling (or writing HTML & CSS for the programmers) because the work isn’t fun or challenging but without a solid foundation, your odds of success are significantly reduced. Starting a business requires only something...
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